North County Tree

Expert Tree Services for San Diego

Our Approach

Professional Tree Service in San Diego – Licensed – Insured – Bonded

Headquartered in Valley Center, CA, North County Tree is a professional tree service company. Locally owned and operated, we have over 25 years of experience in tree care and hazardous tree management. We are an advocate for fuel reduction as an essential part of creating defensible space for homeowner protection in case of fire.

Our service area includes San Diego North County and Coastal areas and other parts of Greater San Diego as well. Call or write to see if we can service your property.

California Contractor’s License #1041132

Our Story

Our company began in Lake Arrowhead, CA as Timber Tree Company, a highly successful National Forest Association ‘Forest Care’ provider.

Meet the Owner

North County Tree owner Wes Marshburn believes that just knowing trees and how to best protect home and business owners’ interests is not enough. Operating his business fairly and honestly, and providing employment opportunities to good workers, are just as important. Wes takes ‘the long view’ in building relationships with clients. That, he says, is what creates the roots for successful growth in business.