Preserving Heritage Trees: Techniques for Long-Term Health

Heritage trees have a magical quality. Majestic giants that have stood for generations as the world changes around them are impressive enough to warrant the very best care.

North County Tree arborists view heritage trees as an important part of our shared history and community. We have dedicated our careers to preserving the health of these fantastic assets, whether they’re on public lands or in your backyard.

Caring for Heritage Trees

Keeping your heritage trees in good health requires regular inspection and maintenance. Keep them looking their best and thriving by:


One of the main keys to long-term tree health is proper pruning by a professional. Removing dead branches reduces strain on the tree’s core, provides air circulation, and sunlight penetration. Pruning encourages a gorgeous canopy and healthy leaf growth.

Soil Maintenance

The soil surrounding your trees needs extra attention to keep pH levels balanced. Enrich the soil with organic matter and introduce regular water schedules.

Watering Regimen

Consistent watering contributes to your trees’ longevity. Make sure the watering schedule is correct for each tree’s age and type.

Pest & Disease Prevention

Heritage trees are particularly vulnerable to pests and disease. Hire a professional arborist trained in pest and disease detection to care for your older trees.

Cabling & Bracing Support

Reinforcement is sometimes necessary for heritage trees. Cabling and bracing can extend their lives if they have structural deficiencies.


Local history is carried in the rings of our precious heritage trees. Preserving these noble elders helps future generations enjoy all the benefits of healthy trees in our community.

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