Top Hardy Trees and Shrubs in San Diego

Top Hardy Trees and Shrubs in San Diego

Everybody home needs trees to provide shade, serenity, and privacy. It does not matter if you are a new house owner or if you have been thinking of sprucing up your yards. San Diego is one of the top cities with a climate fit for growing trees. Trees that are drought-tolerant and shrubs are the right choices.

Plant selection is a significant element towards an attractive backyard. Shrubs and hardy trees thrive in San Diego’s climate and are perfect for homeowners in the area.


The Jacaranda tree is among the most attractive trees in San Diego. It has striking purple and lavender-blue flowers that are worth marveling at. They grow up to fifty feet tall and wide. The tubular flowers blossom throughout late spring and early summer.


This shrub is very easy to grow and does not require much effort. It falls in the verbena family and is characterized by vibrant and beautiful blooms. This plant is advantageous as it is multi-purpose. And, it makes perfect ground cover when trimmed. Additionally, it works as a vine plant when allowed to climb and grow naturally. This is one of the best wide-spreading shrubs.

Shoestring Acacia

This hardy and deciduous tree save you a lot of water once it matures. It blossoms into yellow-cream flowers mostly during spring. The tree, however, sheds the flowers and can cause a mess if planted near a swimming pool. It has a fast growth rate, and it has long and thin green leaves. Shoestring Acacia needs minimal maintenance and water.

Ficus Tree

The tree is usually spotted in 2ft vases, but it has the potential to grow up to 100ft. It has sharp and glossy leaves that can grow a canopy of up to the height of the tree. The superb green color makes it so popular among homeowners. It can resist harsh conditions and survive through them.

Angel’s Trumpet Tree

These tropical shrubs can be pruned to be like woody trees. The bushes are also called small trees. The name is because of the huge flowers that bloom tremendously during summer and fall. These tubular flowers can grow up to 12 inches and open at night. They have a fantastic scent too. You should take caution as they are toxic if ingested. Angel’s Trumpet is best for a home without toddlers or pets.

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