Why You Need A Tree Service Contractor

Why You Need A Tree Service Contractor

Every day you wake up in the morning, you get to appreciate the sweet fresh breeze and beautiful scenery that makes your day go right courtesy of the natural environment. Trees can be used to decorate yards and offer shade from the sun on a hot afternoon. Their advantages are limitless because they are practically our lungs, and if you are on this page, you probably have a few trees in your yard that may need some taking care of.

If you are as passionate as we are about our environment, you probably know that trees need some maintenance to keep them healthy and strong. That’s why we, North Country Tree service, will show you four signs that your trees may need to be fixed by a tree service contractor.

1. If the tree is too tall

Trees that are too tall may interfere with the electrical cables that supply electricity to your house and neighborhood, especially if they are planted too close to the cables. Accidents like this mostly happen during storms because of the strong winds accompanying the storm. These winds may sway your tree into the electric cables and cause a bad electrical accident or even a fire! We can come and fell the tree or even transplant it to a safer place. Call us!

2. If the trees have long or dead branches

Trees should have healthy branches that are average in length. If the branches get in your way as you go through your daily routine, then it’s probably time to have them pruned. If they are too long, they can also break off on their weight or be broken by strong winds, which may end up damaging your property or maybe even harming you!

3. If the tree has a dead or rotting trunk

Healthy tree trunks are sturdy and robust, and they can support the tree’s whole weight and any extra stress caused by strong winds. Dead or rotting tree trunks are hazardous and need to be taken care of before they cause any trouble. Get in touch with us so that we may give you expert analysis on whether the tree can be nursed back to health or if it will have to be felled.

4. If the tree doesn’t look good

Trees should make your yard look beautiful. If the tree looks odd with its branches out of place, then you need to have it pruned; otherwise, it may cause disharmony in your back yard. We can prune some of the branches that look odd and re-shape the tree to give your yard a better look. Get in touch with us so that we can re-shape any trees that may be crooked so that they complement your yard perfectly.

Taking care of trees is our business, and we are the professionals in the industry. Our team, North County Tree, has the expertise and experience to ensure your yard looks fantastic. Get in touch, and let us help you maintain a healthy hazard-free yard with beautiful trees. Choose North County Tree for your service needs!

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