5 Signs That You Need to Hire a Tree Service Professional

5 Signs That You Need to Hire a Tree Service Professional

When it comes to tree planting and maintenance, it always seems so easy until you realize that you are not doing it right. Trees are lovely for a home; actually every landscape could use a bot of some greenery. But trees also come with a lot of maintenance requirements. From watering, pruning, cabling weaker trunks, treating with pesticides to removing old dangerous leaning trees or cleaning branches after a storm, you surely need all the help you can get.

A tree service company will help you cultivate and manage your arboretum. Trees grow, reproduce, age, and get sick; just like all living things, they too need all the help to stay healthy, take in the sun, and bloom into rows of green, purple, red, and amber magnificence you all love.

Tree service professionals apply their knowledge of arboriculture to help you keep your compound healthy and well-kept. Here are the signs you need to hire a tree service company:

1. An unkempt yard

Nothing in homes screams of abandonment more than a bushy backyard and overgrown flower gardens. Even your visitors are going to start whispering among themselves. Bushy compounds do not only reduce your home’s aesthetic appeal but are also breeding grounds for mosquitos and other dangerous animals.

If you are busy, with no time to trim and prune away those overgrown branches, a tree service professional can take care of this for you and even shape that hedge for aesthetic appeal.

2. A dangerous leaning tree trunk or branch

Trees can become a nuisance when they extend over shedding their leaves and dropping branches on your door or roof. Sometimes they extend to the walkway too, blocking your path, so you have to push them away when passing.

Professional de-limbing and pruning can safely remove dangerous leaning trunks or ailing branches before they fall over on their own and wreak havoc.

3. Fallen trees and branches

Need to clean up after a storm? Get the services of professionals to prevent damage to property. A tree service company knows the best way to completely remove a tree plus its trunk without damaging the landscape.

Fallen trees can quickly be hurled out of walkways giving you quick access to your home. Any left branches and trunk can also be chopped into small pieces for use as firewood later.

4. Weaker stems

In the case of weaker stems, a tree service professional can apply bracing and cables to provide support. Cabling and bracing help give weaker trees a chance to live. They can also be used on damaged trees to prolong its lifespan. And lastly, these techniques keep trees from falling in traffic areas.

5. An ailing tree

Trees, too, get sick from fungi, bacteria, and virus infestation. Human activity and environmental stress also can cause trees to get sick. You can always tell a tree is sick if branches begin to fall off dead, the structure becomes unstable, leaves develop dark spots and turn into deformed shapes and the presence of insects eating away at the tree.

A tree service professional can help you take care of a sick tree before things get worse. These may involve pruning away infected branches to stop the spread of the disease, watering, hand trimming exposed roots, etc. Trees are the most essential means of life on this planet. Don’t let yours die. Get the services of North Country Tree to take care of yours today. Our arborists and landscapers can help keep your yard healthy.

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